Friday, February 22, 2013

New 5 Star Review - Groupie by Ginger Voight

Updated:  OMG!  Why do I torture myself with these emotionally draining books?.  I am not a big roller coaster fan, but I can't stay away from these!   SO - I just finished Groupie by Ginger Voight.  It is the first book in her Groupie Trilogy.  I LOVED it!  Again, I have a thing for bad boys :)  This book had me all over the place.  Haven't we all fallen for the one we can't have? There were times my heart broke her, times I wanted to slap the crap out of her and ask her how naive she can really be.  I felt my pulse quicken ....I often had to read past the lump in my throat......I found myself releasing breaths that I did not know I was holding.....its full of angst and intensity and I love it!  Bring on book# 2:  Rock Star!!! 

Update:   WOW - books 2 and 3 were just as fabulous!!!!!  Rock stars, love triangles, groupies, crazy people, deception, lies, danger, fear, murder, and love - this triolgy has it all.

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Book Description:

Into any girl's life a star could fall, but there's a thin line between love and obsession.

Andy Foster never expected lightning to strike when she met the enigmatic frontman of an up-and-coming rock band, but Giovanni Carnevale left her thunderstruck. At first it is easy to use her freelance writing career as an excuse to indulge the steamy flirtation from city to city. As she gets ever closer to making her lascivious fantasies a reality, however, she finds herself entangled in the fake and sometimes dangerous world of celebrity where nothing is as it seems, including the celebrities themselves.

She hangs on to find something real amidst the illusion, while Giovanni balances what he wants against what he fears most. Over three years they come together and blow apart with the same kind of combustible passion. This keeps them orbiting in the others' stratosphere despite new relationships and bitter betrayals. They are bound together by something they can't fight, something that draws the ire of another fan determined to claim Vanni all to herself.

Unknowingly they all race toward a dramatic moment of truth that will leave two people injured, and one dead, with a twist of an ending you may never see coming.

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