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Some recent treasures that found their way to my Kindle

So – It’s been a little while since my last post.  I haven’t meant to stay away but my eyes have been glued to my Kindle.  I recently came across a few treasures….some great reads that unfortunately, I did not review – not because I did not want to, but because I let too much time pass, and too many other pages read, between the time I finished them and the time I sat down at the computer.  I am finding I must review right away, if I intend to, and that proves difficult sometimes when I am wrapping up a book at 2:00-3:00 in the morning….then I start a new book the next day and I am lost again.  So - here is what I recently found:

The Crash Series - by Nicole Williams.  The trilogy consists of Crash, Clash and Crush.  I read them all in a matter of 4 or 5 days and loved the series.  Here is the synopsis of book #1:

Jude Ryder and Lucy Larson are this generation's Romeo and Juliet: Explosive. Sizzling. Tragic.
A steamy summer encounter with bad boy Jude means trouble for Lucy. Her sights are set on becoming a ballerina, and she won't let anything get in her way . . . except Jude.
He's got a rap sheet, dangerous mood swings, and a name that's been sighed, shouted, and cursed by who knows how many girls.
Jude's a cancer, the kind of guy who's fated to ruin the lives of girls like Lucy—and he tells her so.
But as rumors run rampant and reputations are destroyed, Lucy's not listening to Jude's warning. Is tragedy waiting in the wings? This racy romance is hot, hot, hot!

So – after diving in, I found that the characters were a little younger than I normally read.  But as I have said before, it seems all the good books lately are starring younger and younger characters.  Doesn’t anything hot and steamy happen after the age of 35-40?   Anyway, I wonder if I had known the ages of the characters, if I would have proceeded with reading?  Not sure, but I am so glad I read this book.  I just love falling in love with the bad boys!  If someone asked me what this series compared to, I would suggest the Thoughtless series.    Bad Boy, angsty relationship, second guessing and trust issues, etc.  It was a great series and was my first introduction to Nicole Williams writing.  I will certainly check out other books from her.

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Strings (Hard Rock Harlots #1) by Kendall Grey.  This also was my first introduction to this author.  I gotta say this was my most , ummm, interesting read lately.   An author page that I “like” on facebook recommended and had commented on the disclaimer written on the book.  Well, once I took a look and read the disclaimer, there was no way I could not proceed.  This book was unlike anything I had read to date.  Ummm – you are just gonna have to take a look for yourself.  Check out the disclaimer and synopsis below:

WARNING: STRINGS is not suitable for slut shamers, uptight stone throwers, Holier-Than-Thou prudes, humorless virgins, persons with chronic neck or back pain, pearl-clutching bitties, those who disparage crude humor or vulgarity in their many forms, closed-minded people with sticks up their asses, or anyone under the age of 18. The vile, base language and shocking, unholy sexual acts contained herein are not condoned by anyone with a lick of sense and should certainly not be reproduced without proper training and protection. The potty-mouthed and perpetually horny "heroine" (the term is used loosely) of this book does not resemble a normal, well-adjusted, or remotely believable person in any way, shape, or form. The author acknowledges that the characters in this book are shallow and two-dimensional; the plot is both ridiculous and insipid. She makes no apologies for any of it.

* Readers are strongly advised to wear latex gloves whilst reading to minimize contamination risks.

Free-spirited musician Letty Dillinger adheres to a strict, "no strings attached" policy when it comes to men. After a wild night of unabashed sex in a fancy hotel room, she never expects to see the adventurous stud she dubs "Shades" again. When her all-girl rock trio books a tour at the last minute as the opening act for their archenemies, Letty's shocked to discover she knows the competition's new lead singer. Intimately. Shades is no longer a one-night stand. Now he's the guy she has to one-up on stage every night for the sake of her career.

Sharing close quarters on a bus with her sexy nemesis and his bad-boy buddies puts Letty's Golden Rule to the test. On this tour, guitar strings aren't the only things being played. And when heartstrings are pulled too hard, they're bound to snap sooner or later.

OK – so I laughed at the warning disclaimer – but it is no joke.  I started this book and many times thought to myself, I CANNOT read this….there is no way I could continue.  But there was also no way I could really stop either.  It was DIRTY.  I found myself so embarrassed that I was reading such things.  Letty talks worse than sailor.  The things that come out of her mouth and mind just floored me.  I felt like I should be hiding in the corner and peeking over the edge of my ereader to make sure no one was watching me and trying to read my facial expressions.  I am imaging my face was all shades of red….just about every page I felt like I needed to be cleansed……BUT if you can get thru the X-rated smut and vulgar language, the story hidden in the pages was really quite good!  Take that disclaimer VERY VERY serious.   If you think you can handle it – go for it.  You don’t have to tell anyone you read it…….but I bet you will.  Just don’t tell your momma! She would not be proud of your taste in books - but she would be proud for your bargain shopping, as this little trinket is currently 99 cents.

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No Attachments by Tiffany King.  Guess it’s a time for new author, because this was my first read from Tiffany King.  I really enjoyed this book and will read more from her.   I feel in love with the characters and their witty banter.

Here is what I shared on Goodreads:  I loved Ashton and Nathan’s story.  I love a book where I can smile and laugh through the dialogue.  I loved their fun and witty banter.  I loved their dates, I loved that I was still surprised, even though I thought I knew where things were going.  I loved that I giggled through their dialogue, swooned through their emotions (the ones they fought within themselves, as well as one another) and I cried through the emotional battles, and sighed with a very full heart.

So what’s it about?  Here is the synopsis:

** Recommended for ages 17+ due to sexual situations, language and mature subject matter **

Ashton Garrison walked away from a privileged life in order to hide from the one thing she's not willing to face. She knows she left behind a trail of pain, but in the long run, her betrayal will hurt less than the truth. She now has one goal: Live life to the fullest with no regrets and no attachments. She has high hopes that a move to new surroundings will provide the escape she desires, but what Ashton doesn't count on is how fate always seems to find a way to screw up any good plan. Sometimes, when love comes knocking, the pull is too strong not to answer. Suddenly, what she thought she wanted to escape from is what Ashton now wants more than anything.

Nathan Lockton has one mission: find his target and complete the task he was hired to do—no attachments and no emotion necessary. He's done it over and over again. What he thought was a typical lost-and-found job has turned into a life examining moment as Nathan is forced to deal with something he has always ignored--his feelings. Now faced with a decision, Nathan must choose to either follow his heart or complete the job.

Love can come when you least expect it. The question is: If the odds are stacked against you, how far are you willing to go for the one you love?

Download to your Kindle today – only 99 cents!
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