Thursday, March 7, 2013

All good things come to an end.......

I waited and waited.....finally March 5 arrived.  No - it was not a birthday, not an anniversary - it was the release date of RECKLESS, by S. C. Stephens.  This was the final book in the Thoughtless Trilogy.   I had been counting down the days, had alerts set on my iPhone calendar.  I was prepared and anxious as could be.  I am usually a night owl, but the night of March 4th, I was so tired!   I wanted to stay up until midnight, in hopes that Amazon would have the link to the ebook live and ready to purchase.  I didn't make it....sleep took over.  HOWEVER, I am not entirely certain that I did not wake up at 3am, grab my iPhone beside me and look on Amazon to see if the link was live for purchasing.  It either happened, or it was a dream....either way, is that pathetic?   I woke later, at 5am and quickly made my purchase and began reading as soon as it downloaded on my Kindle.  I was able to squeeze in an hour of reading before I had to get up and get ready for work. At the end of the day, I rushed home, guilty of all kinds of traffic violations.... immediately changed into my workout gear and jumped on the treadmill.   After about 3.5 miles, and my lungs still recovering from a sinus infection, I had to give up the walking.   I am not sure if it was the treadmill or the book that was leaving me breathless.  I LOVE THIS TRILOGY.  I love the drama, the passion, the angst, the intensity, the characters, I love everything about it.   I sat there reading, for the next 6 hours.   As much as I could not wait to read the entire find out what emotions and treasures I would find within, I knew that I should slow down and give it a rest because I knew I never wanted it to end.   Finally, at almost 1am, I forced myself to put the book down and let sleep take me ......I woke the next morning, an hour before my alarm went off.....normally I would have gone right back to sleep....I am SO not a morning person and value my sleep......but no, I grabbed the Kindle to squeeze in as many pages as I could before having wake my son and start our morning routine for work and school.   Let me tell you, the work day could not end soon enough!  After a quick errand, I was home, in my happy spot, Kindle in hand!!!!  I read for hours and then the disappointment set in - not because it was not the ending that I was looking for, but because it had to end at all.   Reading those last pages and closing the cover, a sadness set it.  The only negative thing I can say about the book is that it was the end......and with that it left me wondering, now what????  How can one author suck me in and get me so attached to these fictional characters??

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